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Mahjong Solitaire Game

With Mahjong solitaire it is easy to get started. To get to your goal you need to remove the tiles in pairs from the tower. To remove a set of tiles you first click on the one and then the other. The pairs need to match up exactly. If they are of the same number or the same character that doesn’t help. They need to be exactly the same in mahjong solitaire.

Easy so far…

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Finding these pairs in a game of free mahjong solitaire is however not as easy always. You will often spot them without a problem, but sometimes you just can’t see them in the sea of tiles. You would also only be able to remove tiles that are not blocked on either the left or right side, just to make things a little more difficult.

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Mahjong Solitaire Easy StageAs you remove tiles new ones will be revealed and open up more choices for you to progress in the game. Mahjong solitaire is very addictive, but offers great brain training for all players.

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The version of mahjong solitaire you can play on this site is based on the Kyodai Mahjong game that was made for Windows. Even the graphics used on the tiles have stayed the same.

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The controls for the mahjong solitaire game are easy to learn and very straight-forward. If you know how to work a mouse you can play it. You will be using the mouse and the left click button to remove tiles. To remove tiles you will just click on one… then click on an identical tile and both will be removed.

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TIPS for playing mahjong solitaire:

Now hopefully we can help you a little in making your game of free mahjong solitaire a bit easier.

Mahjong Solitaire Intermediate StageRemoving the first few tiles is always very easy. You will easily find pairs to remove, but soon you might paint yourself into a corner if you go about it wrong. Now you might get lucky, but this is a game you can get better at by playing it smartly.

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In Mahjong solitaire you will have a couple of stacks of tiles where the tiles are stacked 3, 4 or 5 high. What often looks better is if you remove the stacks from the sides. Then the whole stack quickly looks smaller. However the problem is that you will drastically reduce your options if you do this.

The best idea is to remove the layers from the top when playing mahjong solitaire. That means that it makes the most sense to flatten out the whole stack of tiles as you would then leave yourself with the most options possible. The more options you have the better your chances at clearing the stages.

You might regularly run into situations where you don’t have just two of the same tiles, but perhaps three. Always take the option where you can open up more tiles. If you remove a tile that is just sitting there in isolation you might just be making sure that you end your game so much earlier.

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There is also a time bonus when playing mahjong solitaire. In short: don’t worry about it. The time bonus runs out so quickly that it isn’t realistic to go for it. I had a friend who was able to clear the whole stack of tiles in under two minutes on a regular basis, but that is not the norm. Rather study the patterns and try to clear them all instead of rushing to get the bonus. The extra points you get from it aren’t that great even.

Mahjong Solitaire Advanced StageSometimes you will get stuck and there is just no way around it. It makes sense to then use the “hint” button. Don’t use it recklessly as you will lose points when using that option.

One other thing you should remember is that the flowers and the different landscape tiles can be removed in any combination. They don’t need to be exact matches.

Short history of Mahjong Solitaire:

Back in 1981 the game was created by Brodie Lockard. Mistakenly the game is often referred to as Mahjong even though its only resemblance to the ancient game is the use of the 144 tiles. There is however an ancient Chinese game that it is rumoured to be based on and the rough translation of the games name is “demolish the tile turtle”.

Even though the true origins of the game can’t be confirmed or denied the results is what we know as this very popular and addictive game. When first created Mahjong solitaire didn’t prove to be that popular. It started gaining momentum however when Lockard created a newer version of the game. The new version was called “Shanghai” and it was released for the Macintosh and the Aple IIgs. Apparently over 10 million copies of the game were sold.

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Over the years many more versions of the game has popped up. People tried their best to cash in on the popularity of the original version. Due to its popularity Mahjong solitaire was added to the early versions of Windows 3 under the name of “Taipei”. As part of the Windows Vista package there was another comeback for the game under the name of “Mahjong Titans”.